Navilock Connecting Cable MD6 Serial > D-SUB 9 Serial for GNSS Receiver with PPS

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Serial Navilock GNSS receiver possess an MD6 universal connector. The pin assignment of this connector is identical with chipsets by u-blox and SiRF. In order to connect the GNSS receiver to a serial port you need this specific connecting cable. The data protocol will be provided by the D-SUB 9 plug. On pin 6 you can analyze the PPS TTL signal from u-blox 8 receivers. Over opend cable end you connect the receiver to 5 V DC.


The following Navilock GNSS receiver can be supplied via the open end of the cable with a voltage in range 5 V to 48 V DC:
• 62665 NL-82004P
• 62755 NL-82022MP


  • Connector: MD6 jack, D-SUB 9 jack, open cable end
  • Power supply via open cable end
    red: +5 V
    black: GND
  • Length: 6 pin connecting cable ca. 59 cm (including connector)
  • Length: open cable ca. 39 cm

System requirements

  • Navilock serial MD6 GNSS receiver
  • One free D-Sub9 plug

Package content

  • Connecting cable for GNSS receiver


  • Poly bag

Technical pictures

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