Navilock NL-65AT MMCX additional GPS antenna

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The NL-65AT is recommended for use in vehicles using thermal protective vitrification. Thereby, the GPS receiver or PNA achieves higher signal strength, and thus a higher number of available satellites. Reception clearly improves by use of the NL-65AT, particularly when the GPS receiver or PNA is mounted in a location where the sky is not visible.


  • Externally active GPS magnet antenna
  • MMCX connector
  • Cable length 5.0 m
  • RG174 cable with impedance of 50 Ohm
  • Watertight at a depth of 0.5 m for 30 minutes
  • Current consumption approximately 13 mA at 3 V and 18 mA at 5 V
  • Temperature range for use -30 °C to +80 °C
  • Temperature range for storage -40 °C to +100 °C
  • Dimensions: 40.5 mm x 38.0 mm x 12.3 mm

Package content

  • NL-65AT MMCX additional GPS antenna

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